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20-03-10 PHOTO 0093 •.jpg

DUAL makes reference to my Greek and Canadian citizenship and the affect of this dual perspective on my painting and filmmaking.


Konstantinos Manos, a Greek-American photojournalist, took a black-and-white photo on the island of Karpathos in the year I was born (1964).  I first encountered this stunning image on the cover of a vinyl record album.  I began to develop this image as an oil painting in 2000 in Vancouver Canada.  The image progressed through a preliminary layer of acrylics followed by oil layers but the work was interrupted in 2002 when I moved to Greece.  Exodos arrived in Athens by container and for many years was stored unfinished.  I recently restretched Exodos layering light, colour and texture until my choir of four women was singing in harmony.

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