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The • Strata • Zarkadas • web site at last

I am happy to have finally surfaced on the worldwide web with my new • Strata • Zarkadas • website. At this juncture in my life, I find myself working as a film director and producer in Greece under my Canadian company name Strata. I am also a visual artist and I focus on the character of people through a form of protraiture notable for its larger-than-life size and its reliance on photography. My direction as an artist and a film director is sometimes clear to me and other times not, but I presently sense a need to share my films and artwork with my loved ones and with the world, and for this reason I have created the •Strata•Zarkadas• website. I hope it will grow to represent my artistic past, make my portfolio available to anyone interested, and give some notion as to the current direction of my films and paintings.

I welcome all visitors to • Strata • Zarkadas • and hope each of you leave with a little something that adds meaning to your day.

George Zarkadas



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